The Reality Of The Universe

Dr. Michael LaitmanComment: A group of famous American scientists gathered in the American Museum of Natural History in New York in order to discuss topics that sound quite unreal.

In particular, it was noted that our Universe seems real to us, but lately an increasing number of scientists began to wonder whether the world around us is just a result of some complex simulation. And whether we and everything around us are just data points in some space hologram.

Answer: Our world is not a hologram, but a special system of forces that appears to us in this way and is displayed on the screen that exists inside of us.

There is no world outside of me and everything I see around is inside me: you and everybody else. It follows that I play with some images allegedly existing outside of me.

Actually there is only one quality outside of me:the quality of complete love and bestowal called “the Creator.” Kabbalists describe it very simply, like a given. And if you ask: “What about me?”—you feel the same relatively to yourself and so does everyone else.

So do you exist? Relatively to me you exist, relatively to you I do too. It is very difficult for us to understand. We will stay confused about this for a long time. However, nothing will work untill we exit into a correct image of the world and then we will see it all.

It is said in Kabbalah: “Whatever will be revealed to you, is revealed to you and nobody else.” And this is the only way it will be.

Question: Does it mean that science will not discover it?

Answer: It is impossible. We don’t yet have relevant properties in order to correctly determine and imagine to ourselves the real world.

One can say that it is a “matrix” and we live inside it. And this is not a fiction. We live inside the system of forces that draw within us, on our internal screen, different images that in reality don’t exist. Like electric forces draw all kind of images on the television screen, same way it happens inside us.

Scientists will reach a dead end because all their assumptions don’t have a proof and won’t give anything to humanity. In any case, science is limited by the fact that it attains everything within our five earthly, corporeal sense organs.

We have to rise above them and acquire a new sensory organ that allows us to exit “outside of ourselves.” And then we will start feeling the real world, not disturbed by our egoistic properties.

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