Unknown Laws Of Nature Are Responsible For The Self-Organization Of The Biosphere

Dr. Michael LaitmanOpinion (Marek Roland-Mieszkowski, M.Sc., Ph.D., biologist): “It is obvious that the entropy of the Biosphere is decreasing continuously (at least it was before the industrial revolution and deforestation). This means that the matter involved in the formation of the Biosphere is getting more and more organized (less random). It was pointed out by many that life seems to defy the II Law of Thermodynamics, which states, that entropy of any system should be increasing. Several attempts were made to explain this striking phenomenon on the basis of the ‘Theory of Complexity,’ which suggest that there are undiscovered laws of nature which are responsible for ‘Self-Organization’ of organisms and the Biosphere.”

My Comment: There are laws that act in the macrocosm, in the microcosm, in the world that operates on the basis of the property of reception, and in the world that operates on the basis of the property of bestowal—in the spiritual world, the world of forces and information. Moreover, the latter consists of five levels called five worlds. Although they all operate on the principle of bestowal, in each of them the laws of commutation (exchange) and functioning are different and even opposite, according to the principle of “what is unacceptable for the upper one is commendable for the lower one.”

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