A Person Will Help His Neighbor

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Should every group member know exactly what every specific friend lacks and how he can help each friend, or is it enough to abide by the general notion of “love for the friend”?

Answer: In a regular society a person can help another only if there are rich and poor, smart and stupid, strong and weak, and so on. But if everyone are equal, then how can they help one another?

Yet there is one thing everyone lacks: the sensation of a good mood. If a person is in a bad mood, neither wealth nor wisdom can help him. Only another person can lift his spirits so the friend would feel an influx of vital energy again and sense that the goal of unity is near.

It turns out that every group member must pay attention to his friend’s mood and if necessary, lift it. That’s because one’s mood is precisely the area where every person can contribute to another.
(On the basis of Rabash’s article “They Helped Everyone His Friend”)

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  1. Very direct and true!

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