New Life 494 – The Secret Of The Zodiac According To Kabbalah

New Life 494 – The Secret Of The Zodiac According To Kabbalah
Dr. Michael Laitman in conversation with Oren Levi and Nitzah Mazoz

What will happen to me tomorrow? How will I take care of myself and my loved ones? What does the future hold? For such serious and disturbing questions…the answer exists.

From the need to know the future and control our lives, we have developed many ways to interpret the signs around us. Curious eyes have turned upward to the stars whose trajectories can be anticipated thousands of years in advance, and from them, human beings have learned about possible times and events in life.

It is not surprising that there are such ways for predicting the future, because our world and the entire universe is one closed system in which all the levels of existence—still, vegetative, animate, and human—are connected according to permanent and complete laws, yet we still don’t know what we can expect the next minute, because astrology and similar methods make it possible, at best, to read some of the signs, but do not grant a person the ability to influence his fate and change it.

The Method of Connection

One method does make it possible to influence fate: the wisdom of Kabbalah. Most of us think that life is a matter of luck—I am lucky or I am unlucky. According to Kabbalah, “luck(Mazel) is derived from the word, “Nozel” (fluid). The Zodiac consists of forces that descend and “drip” on us, activating all the phenomena and events, present and future together, that we call life. These forces reach us in drops, there are breaks or intervals between them and they arrange each and every moment for us.

The signs of the Zodiac are not accidental, as it may seem to us; rather, they are orderly and move in a single predetermined direction. It is possible to imagine this as a car we are traveling together in that has a single predetermined final destination, a preset destiny. The forces that work on us to bring us there are called luck. If we prepare ourselves for that goal from the start, every time a “sign” reaches us, we have already adapted ourselves to it and the direction it is advancing us, so we accept it as “good luck.” And vice versa, if we have not accommodated ourselves to it, without a choice we are pushed forward through difficulties and problems, and we accept this as “bad luck” and suffering.

Separately and together we can equip ourselves with the knowledge of which way to turn ourselves, what every detail in our lives wants to teach us, and how to relate correctly to society and the environment. At each and every moment something pushes us, either as a hindrance or help, and we can gather all these forces together and build a map of our lives from them.

Kabbalah speaks about the goal of life that all of us are advancing toward either through desire and understanding or through suffering and confusion. It teaches us how to direct ourselves so that every sign that reaches us will be felt as good and a blessing. Moreover, it teaches us how to summon these signs and attract them even more forcefully, embracing the force that comes and enhancing its action. This is how we shorten our path and reach the predetermined goal more rapidly, in a nice, good, and pleasant way.
From KabTV’s “New Life 494 – The Secret Of The Zodiac According To Kabbalah,” 1/8/15

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