The Choice Is England

laitman_273_02Comment: June 23, 2016 is a significant day; a referendum was held in England about leaving the European Union. British Prime Minister James Cameron appeared before the Jewish public with a request to vote in favor of the nation continuing in the European Union since according to him, “We are helping you in every way possible and are encouraging Europe to support Israel.”

Answer: In fact, England is the most anti-Semitic nation. And even though the Prime Minister says the exact opposite, considering Britain’s diplomatic past, without a doubt it seems otherwise.

Comment: Everyone is waiting anxiously and with apprehension regarding the outcome of the referendum because it would lead to many consequences depending on whether England remains or leaves the EU.

Response: If we are talking about tactics, meaning the plan for the near future, then this result is not beneficial to the EU because of the many and various agreements that were signed by England, and in this context there will be a need to carry out new calculations.

It could be that the breach of mutual obligations will cost the two sides several billion dollars to bring everything into the right form. But gradually everything will take its course. They say that the rejection will be gradual, the dismantling and the distancing of England from the Common Market could even take a decade.

Question: But how will it be for the European Union?

Answer: The member nations of the EU will feel that it is possible to leave the Common Market and will begin to abandon it.

A paradoxical situation will be created in Europe: The Germans granted loans to everyone so now everyone has become fully dependent on them. Even though this is a financial obligation, it even makes it possible for Germany to give political orders. Unequal exchange rates of political monetary transfers are created.

With England, the accounting is a bit simpler; they can allow themselves to leave the EU. In the future, this union will fall apart anyway because nothing was done in Europe to bring nations and peoples together, developing something in common. What united them was free entry from one nation into another and what is called the “Common Market.”

The fact that they live in close proximity doesn’t indicate anything. On the contrary, it could be that this is worse than union.

Comment: In principle, they took the concept of unity as a foundation of a religious principle….

Answer: Today they have no religious principles. Religion doesn’t connect them, it no longer exists. Only Islam connects them, which is growing quite successfully in all the European nations. For Islam, in general, it is not important if this is France, Germany, Italy, or Spain. For them the title of the transformation is what is important. In principle, the strategy is very simple.

If England wants to be in the union, then it will remain. And if not, in any case, it will be necessary to leave the EU sometime. It could be that leaving now is not worthwhile temporarily, but in the long run it will use it. It won’t need to accept any limitations, any European laws; it will be able to function on its own.

According to its psychology, this is a nation situated on an island that stands on the side, at some distance from everyone. From the point of view of history, England has always been against Europe, so it doesn’t need to look back on the European Union. It was better for it to become independent and not to depend on it, but politicians have their own calculations.

Question: As a result of all these developments, must we achieve becoming a single whole?

Answer: A single whole can be achieved only through Israel, and this is the problem. So ultimately fascism will unite Europe, and together they will turn against us.

The logic of nature, the forces latent in nature, will bring us to this, if not, we will pre-empt it through our efforts to bring the upper force and goodness to our world.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 6/23/16

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