The Beginning Of The Collapse Of The European Union

laitman_426Comment: You spoke a long time ago about the European Union not being sustainable and that sooner or later it would break up. In the commentary to the news you gave a few days ago, you said that England would leave the European Union, and that is indeed what happened. The English press asks, “How can it be that the pollsters and financial analysts were wrong?”

Answer: This is not the final result. If pressure were put on the English people, they would vote in the opposite way. I still think the result was correct because the European market, or more precisely bazaar, will fall apart anyway. The sooner that happens, the better because otherwise the situation could lead to war.

Question: Is the “ship sinking” unequivocally and is fleeing from it urgent?

Answer: Without a doubt it is not possible to plug the holes. In Europe there are many more problems than in the rest of the world. We see that the lion’s share of the news is about the European continent.

Comment: A petition to arrange for another referendum in regard to the membership of Britain in the European Union has already gathered two million signatures.

Answer: They could gather even more than two million because 60 million people live in England. The number of signatures could even reach 30 million.

Comment: You also said that Britain’s withdrawal from the EU would cause an echo in Europe, and this is truly so. The Parliamentary group leader of the Dutch Party for Freedom in the Dutch House of Representatives Geert Wilders said, “I am very envious of them and hope that we can do the same thing next year in the Netherlands.” Matteo Slavini writes, “Next in line will be the Netherlands, Sweden and France. And we are suggesting that Italy will not remain on the ‘sinking ship.’”

Marine Le Pen writes, “Europe has not died, but the European Union has been shaken. This is the rebirth of a nation and now it is up to them to create a new European project, a new type of cooperation.”

Answer: There certainly must be cooperation, but with the right preparation. And not under the command of Germany’s pressuring everyone. The right union can be created only after training and education toward unity for all Europeans, and above all the politicians, those who operate and run everything. They don’t know how to behave and only create business contacts.

Everything must be built on union between people. If there is no unity, it is preferable for Europeans to be as far as they can be from each other. We understand this from daily life. It is easy to imagine what would happen if five families were living in a single apartment. It is absolutely clear that everything would head toward a rupture.

Question: So what if the Europe that is left now were to reconsider and say, “We want to create a single nation here”?

Answer: Who can do this and who wants to? Who understands how to do this and where the forces and the means for this are? And of course, who would provide the education? It would take years to create such enormous changes for such a large mass of people. This is what Abraham did in ancient Babylon; he educated the small nations to rise above all of the separation and united them into a single people.

Comment: I think that the small current that followed Abraham would have to gather strength.

Answer: This current will awaken gradually and be revealed, but this would take even more time.

Question: Must we wait a few more decades for the disintegration of Europe?

Answer: We hope that everything will happen much faster. These actions accelerate development.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 6/26/16

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