What Will Save The European Union From Breaking Up?

Laitman_721_03Question: Recent polls show that more and more citizens of the European Union want to leave it. In England today, they account for 50% of the population, and in France and Sweden, 38%.

At the end of the month, a final poll will be conducted in England, and it is possible that the nation will leave the European Union.

Do you think it is a matter of time until, in one way or another, everything will break up?

Answer: I was sure of this from the start because instead of a union of hearts, a European market was created, not a union.

Question: So where is this going and what can be done?

Answer: Nothing except to leave quietly while this is still possible. I believe the EU leaders will not come to anything, but in the meantime, they haven’t heard us.

We, as Kabbalists, cannot come to them and convince them that we are right. They have another belief system and understanding, so they will not accept our approach.

Question: Is this liable to end in war?

Answer: The problem is that everything is unpredictable. I can predict the operation of systems that are in dynamic development, or the opposite, in anti-development. And there is not one or the other. Soon, another million refugees will arrive in Europe. All seething as in a cauldron, and it is unclear what will happen.

Question: Will the division of Europe happen specifically because of the refugees?

Answer: If there were no refugees, Europe would experience a much simpler breakup of the union. The nations of the EU would have found a common path.

Question: Could a leader appear who could unite Europe?

Answer: Do you mean a new Hitler? That is absolutely possible. Such a revolution could happen in France and Hungary, that is, nations that are particularly close to Nazism. And the rest of the nations would support it. Each one would have its own leader. But nothing can be predicted.

We are arriving at the next stage of the world. I do not predict, but only talk about the fact that we must very quickly and urgently bring the upper force of goodness and love. How this power will act in the world is not our concern. Our role is to bring Light to the nations of the world.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 6/2/16

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