“Elites In A Search Of Consensus”

laitman_547_05In the News (vestifinance.ru): “The members of the Bilderberg Club, whose meetings behind closed doors for more than half a century, is an occasion for all sorts of conspiracy theories, once again synchronize watches on key issues on the agenda of the globalist Western elites.

“In 2016 the meeting place for ‘Bilderberg’ guests has become Dresden. …

“Here as always, on the site of the permanent attributes of protest against the Bilderberg meetings: claimed to discuss topics traditionally vague and provide only approximate information:

1. Current events. 2. China. 3. Europe: migration, growth, reform, vision and unity. 4. Middle East. 5. Russia. 6. US political landscape, the economy: growth, debt, reform. 7. Cybersecurity. 8. Geopolitics of Energy and commodity prices. 9. Prekariat and the middle class. 10. Technological innovations. What it will include a discussion of these topics? …

“As always with Bilderberg, it’s just guesses. In this case the main thing is not what is going on behind closed doors. The fact that over the past 60 years, a meeting of representatives of the authorities, the heads of major banks, energy companies, defense corporations, major media of western countries leaves no secret aura of paranoia and speculation, It does not add to the fans ‘Bilderberg’. …

“‘Daniel Estulin, author of the acclaimed bestseller Who rules the world? Or the whole truth about Bilderberg, describes the meeting as a “meeting of the shadow world government … threatening to take away our right to manage our destiny, creating a disturbing reality”. “Imagine a private club where presidents, prime ministers, bankers and generals closely communicate, where people who make war and affect the markets, saying that they would never dare to say publicly,” – he said. In the overwhelming majority ‘Bilderberg’ represent the interests of global capital. They are not accountable to the population. At the same time they discuss issues that directly affect many people… .’”

My Comment: This is characteristic and natural in our egoistic world. They think that they own the controls. Each one of them wants to take everything, and they all agree how to peacefully divide the world. But there is no reason to worry about their decisions because everything is done from above. The Creator establishes and materializes our desires.

If we know how to ask, to raise MAN, we determine the managerial influence that comes down from above! But this is the role of all the people of Israel, meaning all those who are prepared to raise the right request to the Creator. The group of Kabbalists of Bnei Baruch are disseminating the wisdom of Kabbalah, the method for correctly influencing the managing upper force, the Creator; while the powerful rulers in this world are no more than “puppets on strings”—conductors of this force.

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