Getting Through To The Elites

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How will the changes happen in the education system—by the initiative of the government from above, or pressure from the masses from below?

Answer: Leaders are only afraid for their “seats” and nothing else. If the masses come out to the streets and start shaking those chairs, and they aren’t just setting cars on fire but starting to making more serious actions, then the leaders start listening to their demands. In the end, they will have to agree to them. The question is: Will we be able to offer them our explanation of the necessary measures? We have to try to do that as much as we can.

One way or another, we have to get through to the leaders, but from both sides: from below, through the masses that go out onto the street, and from above directly. After all, we are talking about a global study of the world, about changes in education, and about building a worldwide system of upbringing in which everyone will study while receiving a specific salary for it, the means for sustenance.

This learning will take place instead of work, but in reality it will become people’s work in the spiritual sense. Every person will attract Light to the extent of his forces and capabilities, and this will be his reward. After all, the Light holds all of the abundance there can possibly be.

How many people are required to provide the vital necessities for all of the earth’s inhabitants? Clothing, food, construction, service—everything that’s necessary within the framework of a normal existence? For example, people will work for half a day and will study for half a day. And this will be done by everyone.

However, this can only be achieved through the leaders, or more precisely, through the public opinion, through people who think, including scientists, sociologists, political scientists, and all those who rise above the mass, but not too high. After all, the very top is occupied by the “destroyers,” whereas we are talking primarily about the university circles.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 5/26/11, “Preface to the Wisdom of Kabbalah”

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  1. This is a great article, I agree with what you say

  2. The trick is to demonstrate these ideas clearly and scientifically. I know we have great regard for our terminology, but perhaps we can put some of these things in a clearer way, with credit due of course to earlier teachers.

    Perhaps a series of examples with different behavior and labels would be useful. Such as taking different people in the same circumstance and based on their behavior being able to draw conclusions about their development. Similar to psychological tests. It is very important that we are clear and concise. Then the truth which has become very powerful will simply act on it’s own, as it does when science advances.

  3. Making political leaders being in “fear of losing their seats” is—in my opinion—a non-Kabbalah technique to effect positive change in society. Instead we need a system of governance that finds the more capable and competent people for governance, puts them in these positions, and allows the best of them to rise to the top. In this kind of system, even people with excellent Kabbalah principles can find their way into positions of governance and bring their positive influence for society.

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