The Crisis Of Global Elites

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News (from Slon): “Only five percent of the vote separated Scotland from independence; meaning, that almost half the population wants to secede from the United Kingdom.

“The right-wing party in Sweden has doubled the number of seats in the parliament: the economy is growing, but the standard of living – not; the standard of living of the middle class around the world after the crisis of 2008 has fallen.

“Society intuitively feels that the welfare of the rich multiplies, and middle-class income decreases. As a consequence, nationalist sentiments are growing around the world. The right-wing parties have become the leading parties in Poland, Spain, Germany, Bulgaria and Lithuania. In Ukraine, national independence is on the rise. In Spain, the Catalan separatists were granted the power to call a secession referendum.

“All the efforts of politicians of the 21st century, aimed at political and economic alliances, can be broken against a simple ordinary person’s question: why is my life not getting better? Separatist sentiments and the growing influence of the ultra-right is just the beginning of the crisis of the world order.

“Further population growth and life expectancy with simultaneous reduction of resources will only make matters worse. If the political elites do not reconsider the distribution of wealth in society, then tension will bring about their painful shift.”

My Comment: The solution is only in achieving a reasonable standard of living, moreover, one equal for everyone. This is possible only after active integral education and upbringing for everyone. Humanity must become different: unified and global. Otherwise, it will not survive in our present limited planetary conditions.

Excuses like “there is enough for our lifetime” are not correct, because the crisis breaks out much earlier than resources run out and begins to emerge from the incongruity between humankind and the new future conditions that are automatically supported in the still, vegetative, and animate levels of nature. According to Kabbalah, we are more than a hundred years behind in our development relative to our next state.

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