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Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How should we relate to the expressions of anti-Semitism more correctly? Should we continue to ignore its growth in the US and hope that it will go away by itself, or will it grow to such an extent that later it will be too late?

Answer: Nothing will go away by itself because the anti-Semites are right. Listen to what they say: The Jews are responsible for all the problems in the world. They feel that they depend on us. How would you relate to people who cause you harm and that you depend on?

They have been claiming this for centuries. We have to listen to what they say and to understand from where it stems. We have to bring the idea of unity and connection to the world: the theory, the practical experience and the example for it; as it is written, “become a Light unto the nations.”

We, on the other hand, don’t do that but show the world the opposite, how it is possible to get along better in life egoistically. Unless we connect and become a good example for the nations of the world, the world’s attitude towards us will not change for the better. It will constantly get worse to the extent that the world becomes increasingly more global and mutually connected on the one hand, and torn internally by the ego, on the other.

Thus the tension is constantly growing as nature closes in on us by connecting us from the outside while on the inside we are torn apart, repulsed by each other. In this state, the wisdom of Kabbalah, which means not only the idea but also the practical experience of our right connection and unity, is the medicine for the whole world without which the world will not survive.

If we don’t start to connect and unite properly, we will reach a third world war and great sufferings, which are mentioned in the writings of Kabbalists. They also tell us how we can unite in a quick and proper way. It is very easy to practice and this will immediately be reflected in the nations of the world. If we want the nations of the world to change their attitude towards us, and as it says in Isaiah “to admire us,” it is possible only if we give them the right example of mutual cooperation among all of humanity, an example of the order in the world, so that there will be total mutual dependence.
From A Talk in USA, 8/6/14

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