The Prohibition To Look At Women

laitman_566_01Question: Why is there a prohibition to look at women?

Answer: It is prohibited to look at women, except for your own wife. It is a spiritual prohibition, while in our corporeal world, everything takes place on the animate level. A man feels pleasure when he looks at women, while a woman doesn’t feel any pleasure from looking at men.

A woman can feel pleasure when she sees men that behave properly and the degree to which they can ascend, correct, and perform actions in the spiritual sense. A man, on the other hand, enjoys looking at a woman’s body.

Question: What’s wrong with that?

Answer: A man engages in that on the animate level, not on the spiritual level, and it distracts him from the goal. There is nothing other than that in this prohibition.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 4/24/16

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