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Why Are The Germans Urged To Stockpile Food?

laitman_433_01In the News (Time): “The mood in Germany has been unsettled recently following a number of horrific attacks
“Germany is planning to urge its citizens to stockpile food, water and other supplies in the event of a catastrophe or armed attack.

“According to a report by German broadcaster Deutsche Welle (DW), citing the Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung newspaper, the move would be the first of its kind since the end of the Cold War.

“The proposal is reportedly contained in a government civil-defense-strategy document, which says that people should stock 10 days worth of food and a sufficient supply of water, energy, money and medicine that would allow them to stay put long enough for the government to respond.

“The mood in Germany has been unsettled recently following a number of horrific incidents. In the latest violence, on July 24, a Syrian suicide bomber injured 15 people at a music festival in the central German town of Ansbach. The same day, a Syrian refugee killed a woman and injured two others with a machete in Reutlingen. Just days previous, an ISIS-inspired attacker was shot dead after stabbing several people on a train in the south of the country.

“The huge influx of refugees — Germany accepted more than a million last year — has sparked fears among many Germans that terrorists have entered the country under the guise of seeking asylum.

My Comment: There is no way we can protect ourselves from the future. The only thing we can do is change it by changing our relations from egoistic to altruistic relations. There should be mandatory training plans for such special circumstances for everyone. These special circumstances are already here!

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“The Wisdom Of The Crowd To The Landfill”!

laitman_528_02In the News ( “Despite the fact that the referendum and other manifestations of the majority opinion can look the part as a sure way of making public decisions (after all, it is the voice of the people), scientists’ experiments show that we should not blindly believe in the wisdom of crowds. How do you know which of the vast majority has the necessary knowledge to make important decisions in politics and other areas? Journalist and scholar, Scientific American author, George Musser explains in an article in the Aeon, why the widespread opinion in the society could be a trap, and how to understand someone from the crowd closest to the true knowledge. Musser calls on – it needs to appeal to the knowledge of knowledge (in other words, meta-knowledge). …

“In this case, as shown by a recent study by researchers from the German Institute of Human Development at the Max Planck Society, the true knowledge of the complex issues is incapable of being presented by a large number of people, but by a relatively small group – about 10 to 40 people. As says Bloomberg, is absolutely correlated with the practice of the formation of councils, committees, boards and juries in the court for the adoption of specific decisions.”

My Comment: The wisdom of the crowd is knowledge that we can gather similar to the integral knowledge that the wisdom of Kabbalah speaks about. Kabbalah takes into account the integral tool of the upper world and uses it to lead us to the correct goal. Scientists’ experiments are gradually approaching what the wisdom of Kabbalah has already been saying for 6,000 years.

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Is It Necessary To Change Character Traits?

laitman_565_02Question: Are the character traits of a person innate or is it possible to develop them somehow? Suppose that I don’t like particular characteristics in me. Can I change them?

Answer: It is not at all necessary to break and destroy yourself! It is up to you to learn to use all of your characteristics correctly, especially the most horrible ones that you are even ashamed to admit to yourself.

Question: How is it possible to use the most terrible characteristics without harming someone?

Answer: The most terrible characteristics are those through which you want to harm others and yet you get unusual pleasure from them. If you have some kind of aversion to a particular person, he is against you or he seems to be intolerable to you, then you want to harm him, to make him sorry through your actions.

Here the wisdom of Kabbalah says, “This is not right. You need to do this completely differently. If an enemy rises up against you, try to correct those characteristics within you that make you his enemy. Then you will stop provoking him against you.”

First and foremost you must think about how to correct yourself. Someone else who reveals a negative attitude toward you is actually giving you an example of your own faults. So it is up to you to think that maybe they are revealing your negative traits to you from above.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 5/1/16

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The Dust Of The Golden Calf

laitman_527_12Torah, Deuteronomy 9:21: And I took your sin the calf, which you had made, and I burned it with fire, and I crushed it, grinding it well, until it was fine dust…

To grind into dust means that all egoistic desires that were in the golden calf lost their main form and became ready for correction and for mixing with the Torah, meaning with the Light that comes and corrects them.

Until now egoistic desires seemed as a deity in the form of some ornaments, idols, all that you want. But now they are taken out of egoism and turned into dust.

Therefore, the destruction of the golden calf and all that is done in the Torah is done correctly. All this has to be and a person must go through it, otherwise he won’t have his own perception and realization of the Creator; he would not able to become like Him.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 5/11/16

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The Only Task Of The Creator

laitman_562_01Comment: For every person who engages in Kabbalah for a long time, at some point comes a period when he demands internal egoistic fulfillment: “Give me at least something!” as in the “golden calf” transgression.

Answer: A person must have some goals and some achievements. However, suddenly he feels himself suspended in the air, feels some kind of tiredness. This is natural. Kabbalah writes about it. It is necessary to overcome such states.

Those who can’t endure them and walk away are just weak. It is necessary to be stubborn, to cling with your teeth and hold on. It means that you close your eyes and are ready to be below the level of life and death. Just hide, so that this devastation, anything at all, will pass over you.

You have to get used to it, to agree in advance with everything that will happen: to be “rinsed” in a view of the entire world, to be given such desires, doubts, and states by the Creator that such things were possible wouldn’t even come to the mind of a common person. And you must take it all in stride.

Moreover, a person’s mind is taken away; he is given strange thoughts, strange feelings and turns into a puppet that performs some actions. Later his mind is returned to him and he looks at what he has done. He is played upon this way in order to knock the egoism out of him. This is the main, and probably the only task of the Creator: to put us in such conditions that we would voluntarily give up our egoism and would ask the Creator ourselves: “Take this monster away from us!”

However, if a person comes to classes and everything in his life is quiet and well: home, family, work, friends, meals, congresses, and teaching, so what is there to change? Then nothing will change. Nothing! He will only demand more and more. His egoism will point to what else he wants to receive, and why not?

Therefore the real spiritual work begins when a person is humiliated in such a way that he wants to get rid of egoism. However, it is not about getting rid of egoism, since it means he just wants to suffer less. The fact is that he must stay with his egoism and say, “I am ready for anything, I just want to hold onto the Creator. Let Him do whatever He wants with me, as long as I have a point of connection with Him.”

One point, no more! To ask for more means you already anticipate a reward. “I don’t want any reward, just to have a point of connection with You, and I don’t need anything more. Do whatever you want with everything else, with me, my body, my mind, and with anything else.”

Comment: But when a person studies, teaches, works with the friends, and participates in the meals, he one way or another still moves along the right line to stronger connection with the Creator…

Answer: He moves until the time to move to the next degree comes. But it depends on how much effort he has invested.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 5/11/16

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New Life 752 – Master Of My Own Fate

New Life 752 – Master Of My Own Fate
Dr. Michael Laitman in conversation with Oren Levi and Tal Mandelbaum ben Moshe

Everything comes to an end. The question is, can we reach a life that is full of only good and sweet events? They say that the wise can foresee the future, but others say that it is better not to see it, but simply to live the moment. There are different approaches: one is to ignore the situation, which means to lie to ourselves; the second is to mitigate the situation; the third is blind faith.

According to the wisdom of Kabbalah none of this is true. We can learn to change our fate! Scientists have discovered that there is constancy in everything in the world, and our lives are also managed by the upper constancy. We can penetrate the upper operating system of reality and thus control our lives. There are two systems of scrutinizing reality that constantly operate on us: bitter and sweet; truth and lie.

These systems have to bring us to a general scrutiny, to the question of what is the point in our life, what are we living for? The upper operating system operates according to a precise program that aims at the truth, which is the wellbeing of the whole. The more I begin to think about the wellbeing of others, the more I feel the system and understand what is going on.
From KabTV’s “New Life 752 – Master Of My Own Fate,” 7/26/16

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