“Can Europe Cope With Its Troubles?”

laitman_926_02In the News (vz.ru): “The Spaniards hope to reduce the unemployment rate to 20%.

“Of course, even 20% is too much. But the main problem is not this, but the fact that the unemployment rate among young people in Spain is 51%. …

“Youth unemployment can be observed in other European countries – Italy, Portugal and France. This is a real bomb, especially when you consider the uncontrolled influx of migrants and remember how young people play an active role in today’s street revolutions. …

“Very sad is the fact that solving the problem of unemployment is currently not possible. Europe is regulated by the high euro exchange rate and with near-zero competitive interest rates. ..

“To summarize… The number of unemployed and people sitting on the dole has exceeded the permissible limits, a simple solution to this problem is not present.”

My Comment: The crisis is just beginning. Europe must understand that this is a systemic crisis that can be overcome only through a complete restructuring in social relations that is only possible through the education of society in the spirit of unity, something that had been said to be in the foundation of the European Union.

The dismissive attitude of the creators of the European Union regarding the creation of the EU framework in the form of closer EU nations will have to be corrected. As a result of much searching, they will be forced to adopt the methodology of unity offered by Kabbalah.

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