An Expert For The Next Stage Of The Crisis

laitman_263Opinion (David Corovich, Physicist, Ecologist): “The Eurozone is on the way to a deep depression. During the course of the coming economic shock, infection could spread faster in the global supply chains, triggering a global economic crisis.

“Our mutual dependence means that we all find ourselves in this together. The financial upheaval can spread around the world in a number of seconds. In the great modern cities there are inventories of food for three days.

“When the economy sinks, the ability to take care of old debts disappears, and debtors become devoid of the ability to repay the debts. The growing complexity pushes the system further and further away from balance. Tens of billions of mutual connections in the supply chain are too complex for someone to understand them fully.

“The political decisions are based upon models for obsolete stable economic conditions. The economic crisis causes a fragmentation in society. Spreading fears and the growth of nationalism are signs of the economic crisis.

“Expanding large-scale manufacture in the large areas of production like the United States and India will only exacerbate the situation. The coming crisis will be immense, the world cannot prepare for it. The growing tension in the global economy makes it less and less flexible.”

My Comment: This is why we cannot wait for better conditions for disseminating the method of correction of the world; we need to invest all our efforts so that the true reasons for the crisis and the way out of it will be known to everyone.

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