You Shall Not Make Yourself An Idol

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe Torah, “Exodus” (Ki Tissa), 32:19-32:20: Now it came to pass when he drew closer to the camp and saw the calf and the dances, that Moses’ anger was kindled, and he flung the tablets from his hands, shattering them at the foot of the mountain. Then he took the calf they had made, burned it in fire, and gave [it to] the children of Israel to drink.

First Israel had to go down to Egypt with Jacob and his sons, and although they had a good life, they felt that were slaves in Egypt since it wasn’t their home. When they made the golden calf it was the same Egypt, but it was already desirable. They wanted to develop according to the example of Egypt and to build themselves a wonderful state without the help of the Creator; they built a golden calf.

Therefore any figures or images that they bow to in various cultures or societies, this is the personification for the golden calf. A person builds himself a corporeal idol in order to bow to it. It’s totally opposite from the Kabbalistic perspective, but in every religion and belief, until this very day, there are idols to which everyone bows.

A person needs to have something that is sacred; he has to keep something like a child who plays with a toy. He cannot exist without it since everything that is beyond matter is beyond his understanding. He must have certain figures. Thus, there has always been a bitter conflict over the question as to whether we should build a corporeal Temple or not, whether we need a king in this state or not. A king refers to a monarchy and the upper Providence is also a monarchy.

Why do we need all that? It’s a very delicate fulfillment of the social structure, so that society will yearn only upwards, and only the actions will remain below, which means that everything else should only be the intention.

So a person has to constantly distinguish between the fact that spirituality should be in the air and not in a corporeal form, while corporeality should be expressed only in actions that focus us on one another. Then only the positive mutual bestowal will remain until the absolute revelation of love and the connection between us. If people act this way, they will establish the temple in the connection between them in which they will discover the Creator. Only now, after humanity has been through all the levels of its historical evolution, can we gradually explain to people how to give up all the external signs.

The body doesn’t exist. There is only the desire that we must connect and then we will be able to discover inside us, between us, in the neutral area, in the connection between us, the new attribute called Adam (a human being), and in it we will discover the Creator, the force that has created us and which revives us. It’s a great maturation process that a person goes through.

We have to keep all the symbols the Torah tells us about: the flags, the banners, the Tabernacle of the covenant, the tent of assembly, etc. in spirituality and not as a corporeal fulfillment. In order to succeed in doing so, we need to connect. On the one hand, the connection guards you, and on the other hand, you guard the connection. Everyone supports everyone in the spiritual yearning; this is precisely the reason for the connection between us where everyone worries about everyone else.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 9/9/13

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