The Creation Of The Golden Calf

Dr. Michael LaitmanMoses is the point in the heart the function of a spiritual guide after which a person follows. When this characteristic disappears from a person’s feelings, he requires a strong base, which is the golden calf. Gold, (Zahav) – “Give me this” (Ze Hav), is what clearly exists, and over which he has control. This is a precious metal containing the immense power of the Creator; but we always use it with our ego only to grab something strongly, to acquire personal security, material security, and so forth.

In principle all this was taken from Egypt. All knowledge, everything that fills the ego and gives a person security, is the basis of Pharaoh. Therefore he opposed the Creator and said to Moses: “Who will lead you forward on your way? It is either I or the Creator.” In other words, either you proceed “within reason” or ascend with bestowal and love, either with reception or with bestowal.

What does it mean to make a statue of the golden calf? A calf embodies the characteristic of bestowal, but when we make it from gold, this transforms the characteristic itself.

A person doesn’t make a golden calf all the time. This was done once, as was the Shevirat ha Kelim, the shattering of the collective soul. And after that a person discovers parts of it within himself: another part and another part and so on.

The shattering of the vessel occurred when an immense spiritual ego was revealed. The creation of the golden calf is an activity during which the person makes a form from this ego that he imagines will lead him forward. With this, his spiritual work has already been discovered, which in the meantime is impure, the opposite of the Creator.

There is nothing terrible about this except for one thing: The person is going in the opposite direction, but in the meantime he hasn’t encountered suffering that would turn him around. In principle, everything is summed up in only choosing the easy, short, and quick way, and not to stumble on the blows all the time and to learn from them.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 9/9/13

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