Nine Stages On The Way To Unity, Point 9

Dr. Michael LaitmanPreparation for the Integral Convention: Integral Educators.

We discover that we are destined not to maintain our link to the Creator and that we don’t need the wider public to keep the “raspberry ball,” rather we must have the raspberry ball in order to serve the wider public. And specifically through this discovery we approach the end of correction.

This makes it possible for us to see the integrality, the links, and the Arvut (mutual guarantee) in nature. We begin to determine our relationship to the wider public: how much we need it, for without it we cannot give contentment to the Creator, and how much the Creator wants humanity and not us.

That is how we attain our destiny and disappear. A “nation of priests” is when you don’t exist. You serve the wider public, serve all of humanity, and serve the Creator. And in this you see your anonymous role. You have no part or inheritance in anything, in sum you are the connecting link, a conduit, a component for transmission. And this is good because with this we can truly be closer to the nature of the Creator.

We must present and give an example to the world, and through this example convey to it the spiritual condition that we have attained. Even though in the meantime this is the opposite side of the spiritual state, if we succeed in turning the face of the world towards us, we can turn our face towards the Creator. By turning toward the world with love, we can turn with love towards Him. About this it is said: “From love of the creatures to love of the Creator.”

And in order to turn the face of the world towards us, it’s necessary to awaken the people to the right understanding of solidarity with them. For this it’s necessary to convey the inner tension in words. The words must be very clear and deep. Only in this way can we be integrated into the outer circle, truly connecting with them. And then we receive the required addition that will help us to rise and enter into a higher level.

The correct integral educator for spiritual development must awaken this development in a student. If we succeed in reaching the hearts of the people, then specifically those experiences and impressions that we awaken in the wider public will make it possible for us to grow the raspberry ball, enhancing and strengthening the point of contact with the Creator and feeling Him.

It is said: “I learned from all of my students.” We will yet understand why through a connection with students a person can learn more than from teachers.

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