Nine Stages On The Path To Unity, Point 7

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn Preparation for the Integral Convention

The Importance of Our Mission to the World

1. All of humanity, all of nature, after the shattering is heading toward unity. And we are the ones who are studying the science of unity, the wisdom about how to attract other alternative power to help us to hasten the unity.

All of Integral Education amounts to this, teaching a person to connect with others as quickly as possible. Until now there was no need for this method, and now it is beginning to be in demand.

We are like a wick, all of humanity below us is like oil, and above is the Light of Infinity.

Accordingly, if we make ourselves into a conduit, everything will be okay. It is yet to be revealed to us that if we don’t connect the higher, the middle, and the lower in three lines, we cannot act.

We need connection with the upper force so that it will pass through us to others, to those who are passing through development for the purpose of raising the lowest to the discovery of the highest. And that is how we work; we are going around in this closed circle all the time: from below the desire is renewed, and from above the Light arrives.

2. In work with those who are further down it is important to make sure that feeling precedes intellect. Theoretically it is impossible to teach the wisdom of unity to the broader public; it is impossible to impart wisdom to people before the feeling. They will flee.

We ourselves are ready to tolerate this wisdom because we have a desire, a point in the heart. Without this desire we would also flee.

It is necessary to employ and activate the participants, to provide them with impressions, to gather them for workshops, to develop and expand their perception, understanding, and feeling to awaken them to clarification so that they will be expanded within and will discover a space within them that will begin to be filled with all kinds of details: “group,” “I,” and so on.

When we gather participants to discuss questions in a workshop, they gradually format themselves according to the integral model of the world and make decisions integrally, through nullification of the self, through the raspberry ball. They construct a general shared mini-reality in a group where there is a central point and Kelim, desires, want to connect in self-nullification, in reciprocity, in mutual guarantee (Arvut), in order to discover the Creator. In this group of ten there exists a model of all of reality.
Preparation for the Integral Convention, Nine Stages On The Path To Unity, Point 7

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