Nine Phases On The Way To Unity, Point 6

Dr. Michael LaitmanPreparation for the Integral Convention: Crisis

“As the advantage of the Light out of the darkness.” We have to explain to people what a great gift we were given. We are the ones who have to guide the whole world to the end of correction, which means to the revelation of the corrected state of humanity.

This is the reason that the world is revealed as global and the connection between all its parts is revealed as integral: Everyone is incorporated in everyone else and everyone depends on everyone else, and it’s impossible to correct one part of the world without correcting another part.

Why do all our plans fail? Why do we waste billions of dollars and nothing happens? Look at the world leaders who set the tone in politics, economics, industry, commerce, technology, education, culture, and the family: The higher their status and the greater the number of people who are affected by their decisions, the more mistaken they are.

Now we see more and more often that anyone who makes a decision by himself agrees that he is wrong. The reason is that we can only make decisions through unity. It doesn’t matter what level of unity it is, and you don’t have to reach the end of correction for that. You should only make a decision from a point where you really try to resemble the Creator as much as possible, even if the Creator is concealed.

A new leadership is revealed in the world these days. Previously the leadership was fulfilled along one line only and we advanced only by the power of blows. We felt bad and we escaped the bad feeling to the good, like animals. But now the leadership is revealed in two lines and so one person cannot make a decision since only a group can deal with it. A group should find a solution as the middle line.

In light of the five previous points of integral education, we can assess correctly why the world is in a state of crisis. On the other hand, there is no crisis in our group and we are advancing towards increasingly greater unity. This is why we discuss the crisis and solve it by ourselves.
Preparation for the Integral Convention, Nine Stages On The Path To Unity, Point 6

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