The Beautiful Outbursts Of The Soul

Dr. Michael LaitmanPeople have been trying to find something holy in material objects over the course of many years. They have unlocked pyramids and coffins and have found nothing except for mold and fungus which kills them.

The fact is that people constantly rely on the material world; there is nothing good about it because it poisons a person spiritually. People build non-spiritual structures, create a world of dark objects, a world where spirituality is perceived in a material form; this is the golden calf.

This is why the Torah constantly mentions a request for Moses and the Levites to rise and kill the people, to stab and burn every fifth and tenth person. This implies an aspiration to eradicate everyone’s natural, egoistic tendency to constantly search for the golden calf.

There is an altruistic impulse in every person’s soul, and they must find it. But this has nothing to do with regular impulses, when a person wishes to pull away from the past, to ease his fate. Many people are prepared to die either to rid themselves of suffering or to seemingly unite with a higher idea. We see soldiers go off to war prepared to sacrifice themselves.

But here the only thing a person has is his aspiration for something higher. This is a special quality of the soul, which is beginning to manifest in him.

After all, the purpose of the program of creation is to bring every person to a state of similarity to the Creator, and then together we will form the single image of Adam.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 9/9/13

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