My Colorful Radiograph

Dr. Michael LaitmanWe depict a reality that doesn’t exist on the outside, but only inside us. Thanks to that I can discover who I am and learn from myself.

The world is like a photograph that I produce. On the outside there is only the Upper Light that fills all of creation, the force of love and bestowal that fills everything.

My egoistic attributes are projected on this force of bestowal and depict different colorful pictures on the background of this white Light.

These colors are the reflection of my different egoistic attributes and therefore I see a big world, but in truth, it is only the form of my ego that is inside me.

I am an egoist who sees things according to my attributes as if they are on the outside. The whole world is actually the egoistic picture of my attributes that appear on an external screen.

Thanks to this perception I can thoroughly study myself since I see a huge world around me that lives and operates, but these are all my own attributes. It is as if I see my own radiograph.

Question: Do Isis and the fundamentalist Moslems also exist inside me?

Answer: Of course, otherwise it wouldn’t exist on the outside. Everything on the outside exists only because it is inside me. This perception gives me the unique opportunity to learn and explore myself. I can attain myself and discover how I have to correct myself thanks to the fact that all my inner attributes are exposed on the outside and perceived by me as the external world.

If I begin to treat everyone in this world nicely, I will see how all the negative attributes and flaws disappear and take on other forms. The whole world gradually evaporates and turns into the white Light, into bestowal and love.
From Israeli Radio Program 103FM, 2/8/15

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