X-ray Of My Ego

Dr. Michael LaitmanIt seems to us that we are in a world that really exists and is relatively stable. We don’t even allow the thought that everything we see is unstable and relative.

Humanity has always believed that the world really exists and that we’re living in it. This belief was strengthened by the fact that people saw our planet, the stars, and the galaxies. Although a person is born, lives, and dies, all of these things remain in their place despite the changing times. That is, everything that surrounds us exists outside of us. People believed it for thousands of years.

Then, the science of Kabbalah comes along and completely destroys the foundation upon which our perception was based. First and foremost, this science explains that everything we see before us actually exist within us, within our desire, and not outside of us.

This means that if the people I see before me exist in my head, then I exist there as well. According to Kabbalah, this is true, and our current perception of reality is false.

Kabbalah tells us that we have a “projector” in the back portion of the brain and that it projects all that I sense into images I see before me. This is how I’m able to see my own body as well as everything outside of it.

Kabbalists state this with grave seriousness, emphasizing the fact that it’s precisely due to the fact that I sense things within me and see them on the outside that I can reach special attainment, the revelation of the Creator. I see how, in each moment, everything around me changes and gains momentum. This happens in accordance with the changes in my qualities and it means that I’m drawing my reality.

The wisdom of Kabbalah tells us that besides the point called “I,” everything else is the Upper Light, the Light of Infinity, where I exist. The only quality of this Light is love and bestowal. On the backdrop of this love and bestowal I see my own qualities which are opposite to the Light.

It seems to me that there is a big world existing outside of me where everything is moving. However, all this is being projected by my desire, by my ego and its various qualities, showing me my inner picture as though on an x-ray.

Can I change reality? Yes, but under the condition that I change myself. This is very serious. I have my family, my work, and a big world around me. Although I sense all of these thing as solid, it’s still in my power to change it all.

If I begin to change myself, then I’ll change the world because a person is a miniature world that contains everything within him. On the outside, there is only constant Light of the World of Infinity.

Therefore, everything depends on the person. My perception of reality depends only on me, not on someone else.
From the Introductory Lecture Series, “Perception of Reality” 11/23/10

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