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Europe At A Crossroads, Part 2

laitman_433_02Question: Why hasn’t Europe been able to unite despite its many years of effort?

Answer: The Europeans didn’t know how to do it. The pretty slogans of the French Revolution about freedom, equality, and brotherhood remained just words. They didn’t understand then and still don’t understand now that in order for these words to become reality a person himself must change.

But a person can’t change by himself or conquer his egoism. In order to rise above his egoistic nature he needs a special external force that will correct and change him.

The French didn’t know about it and couldn’t succeed. Therefore, the great French Revolution was replaced by other revolutions under different flags including Nazism and nowadays radical Islam. All this is due to the fact that people couldn’t understand that real connection is achieved only by changing human nature.

The method of Kabbalah is different because for the first time in history we don’t change the external systems: religion, science, culture, education, and government, but a person himself. Nobody even knows what it means, except for Kabbalists. It doesn’t mean that a person gets a little more knowledge or education and begins to treat others more ethically and in a more civilized way.

A person must rise above his egoistic nature and receive another, the altruistic one, which nobody knows about today. Kabbalah is truly a hidden wisdom that is getting revealed today and gives us an opportunity to implement all of this. However, if we don’t do this, we will see horrible disasters in the world, worse than any suffering experienced by humanity through its entire history.

A person must rise to the nature of bestowal and to really love his neighbor, not just in words. Exactly the same way he automatically thinks today about himself, he will think about the welfare of others, simply because it will be in his nature. Today, he cares only about himself and his family, i.e., about everything that belongs to him, and tomorrow he will suddenly start to think differently and care about society.

All the former European ideals and moral values seemingly calling for equality and brotherhood were completely egoistic, even though mankind considered the European approach to be a model of humanity and altruism. After all, it was so in comparison to the barbaric approach. But nobody compared it to the method that creates and builds a new altruistic person.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 8/18/16

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Answers To Your Questions, Part 136

laitman_623Question: The more I read, study, and work on myself, the harder it becomes to understand. I have many questions and I cannot always find answers; it’s as if you enter a maze.

The question arises because there is a suggestion that we were created on earth to work, and also that we all are participants of the God’s experiment with a defined program code.

Where is kindness, compassion, mercy, and love? It doesn’t fit at all. How is it possible to observe indifferently all this horror that is happening on our planet? And where are we going, where are the gods? Perhaps we are guinea pigs programmed for self-destruction?

Answer: Study the texts of Baal HaSulam and you will know everything.

Question: I am interested in your opinion on the article “There Is No Contradiction Between Religion and Science” by Eduard Shifrin.

Answer: The author is in a process of spiritual development.

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“We Learn Best When Learning Together”

laitman_528_02In the News ( : “We develop not alone. Some psychologists argue quite convincingly that a person can only grow together with others. …

“What is a high-quality communication? These are where we are connected with others in which there is a positive evaluation, reciprocity and vitality. A positive assessment – that is, the source sees the best in us, even after a brief acquaintance. Reciprocity – the openness to another person and the response to his feelings. And finally, the vital energy – in this, communication occurs as a burst of energy, as if these moments are becoming more alive. …

“The high-quality relationships we grow, because to think more broadly, rapidly absorbing knowledge becomes wider choice and actions, we are involved, we are set to play, open, easier to recover from injuries. …

“Spur your community and thus improve the relations between its members. Ask everyone to turn to each other for help and to support one another generously.

Answer: These “discoveries” are basically part of the conditions of a Kabbalistic group.

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New Life #764 – The Search For Life In Outer Space

New Life #764 – The Search For Life In Outer Space
Dr. Michael Laitman in conversation with Oren Levi and Yael Leshed-Harel


There are laws in nature and we live in them. The vegetative level developed from the level of the still by the inner evolutionary program of nature, which is the force of life, the force that creates.

According to the wisdom of Kabbalah, the goal of our life is to discover this force of life called the soul, a discovery which will take us beyond the boundaries of the corporeal universe.

Even if we discover the conditions for the creation of life in space, it still doesn’t mean that they can develop.

The wisdom of Kabbalah turns on a light for us by which we can see a new higher dimension, above time, motion, and space. The spaceship by which we can reach the next dimension is internal, inside us, in our attributes.
From KabTV’s “New Life #764 – The Search For Life In Outer Space,” 8/30/16

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