Answers To Your Questions, Part 133

Laitman_183_04Question: Not long ago I discovered by chance that the last name I have been living with for 44 years is not mine; the father of my grandfather was forced to change it immediately after the revolution. The real name of his family was Gornish. I don’t know how to write the name of this family correctly, but it is believed to be Jewish. Are you familiar with the name, and what does it symbolize and indicate?

Answer: This shouldn’t bother you; there is no connection between the name of a family and a person, just as is the case with his first name. What matters is only the spiritual level on which a person is found, and this depends only on the person.

Question: There is a person in whom I am interested and I would very much want our paths to cross, but unfortunately we miss each other on the same day sometimes by a few minutes. Coincidences like these seem unjust. Is it necessary to consider that if an acquaintance is not happening, this is a sign that it is not meant to be? In your previous answer you said that everything that happens with us at a given moment is the optimal thing for us. What must I do?

Answer: Go and get to know each other! Tell him that he interests you, and if he is the right person, he will not treat your attraction to him lightly….

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