This Strange Word “Nature”

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: When we conduct lectures and seminars on integral education, people feel that there is something we are not telling them, until we begin to talk in more detail about the concept of nature. At what point is it okay to reveal the concept of “nature,” and is it necessary to do so?

Answer: It is absolutely necessary! The concept of nature can be explained as follows: We are all connected. Our consciousness is tied into a single system, so we are able to pass our thoughts and desires to one another.

There’s a reason why the idea of “good eye” or “evil eye” exists. We can pass on thoughts. There are people who are more sensitive to this. They even can read thoughts, and there are those that are less sensitive. A person can feel when someone is looking at him from behind and so on.

That is, we talk about the subtle planes that exist in nature. We can’t measure them sufficiently. There are intelligence agencies that deal with this that don’t reveal all the secrets to us, but this isn’t important. What is important is that today our interconnection is gradually becoming revealed to humanity.

This total integral interconnection that exists between our individual minds creates a single network that also is connected with the inanimate, vegetative, and animal nature. All of this together creates nature. When we aspire toward integrality and mutual connection, we reveal the single network of nature.

It’s like a computer network. Each one of us is like a computer that’s connected to all the other computers. When all seven billion computers connect, then this constitutes a single nature.

The thing is that the common mind-field exists not within each individual but between us, in the network that connects us. This is why, when we connect with each other, when our personal modems connect, we create this great, vast, and conscious world network. Then, in this network, we begin to sense a single movement of nature and, most importantly, our own evolution, where we are headed and how we develop.

We can predict our next states because we tune into the level of nature where its entire plan lies. This plan develops each one of us. It takes from our personal memories, individual Reshimot. Then, a person will see his next states because he’ll feel included in this system.

That is, when our minds become integral, then we enter the level of nature and go beyond the limitations of time and space, of all that quantum physicists, psychologists, and other scientists talk about today. You can back this up with science. You’ll be understood.
From a Virtual lesson 10/28/12

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  1. Can we say that Quantum Physics and all modern science dealing with transcending limitations of time and space are ultimately a *consequence* of the spiritual truth we, humanity, are living at this particular moment?

    All this interconnection we see through the medium of telecommunications, cellphones, internet etc are all actually the *result* of the human mind slowly but with inexorably becoming integral?

    Mr. Laitman, can you write about this, about this quantum leap in human *evolution* (I dont think there is such thing as evolution)? What it means? What is this transcendence of time and space that reveals itself even through tecnology and new forms of science?

    Thanks, A. from Brazil.

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