Striving For Rest

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: We always say that a person is the desire to receive pleasure. But to many people this isn’t clear unless they are studying the wisdom of Kabbalah where it speaks about concepts like the Light, the Creator, and so on.

Answer: Why?! Learn anything: physics, entropy, thermodynamics, and laws such as these. They all say that each body in the process of its development tends to a state of rest. Not only a person but all of nature (still, vegetative, and animate) strive for fulfillment, maximum rest, and abundance. That is the law of nature.

What is “rest”? It’s when all the desires to be filled are at the most comfortable state, which is what any creation aspires toward at any level.

Question: What would you advise so that a person would understand that? Should we maybe have him watch himself during the day?

Answer: You need to give a person a few lessons in psychology and explain it. We teach this in integral education, which explains about the ego being our foundation and explains its principle attributes. We teach how it develops, how it brings us to the crisis, how it brings us to recognize our evil, and to recognize that all of its attributes are egoistic.

The ego is actually our main property. And within it is a collection of our attributes: laziness, desire to reach the goal, jealousy, greed, everything. Both the good attributes and the bad are all egoistic with the purpose of filling itself. In addition to that, animals think only of how to fulfill themselves; however, man receives pleasure also from draining others. This means that he measures himself according to others. With animals this doesn’t exist. In this we are different from them.
From KabTV’s “Talks with Michael Laitman,” 11/03/12

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