Sunset Of The Great European Civilization, Part 3

Laitman_727Question: The European civilization has always been a model of high ideals, freethinking, equality, the scientific approach, and faith in the wisdom and power of man, the master of the world. So why do we see today that this ideology has become harmful for us?

Answer: Everything in this world goes through birth, development, a period of prosperity, and then decline and death. The European materialistic approach, claiming that everything was in the hands of man, was very helpful and rational. Indeed, in this case we don’t need some mystical forces and rely only on things we see in front of us.

This European approach has contributed a lot to the development of man and his approach to life, in comparison to the philosophies in other parts of the world: India and Arabic countries, where the focus wasn’t on man, his education, and development.

Education brought its values to Europe, such as ethics, equal rights for men and women, freedom of speech, and equality. However, today, I don’t admire them as much as previously in the distant past.

After all, we know how strong the religious influence in Europe is even now, with all its slogans about freewill and equality. Inside each European lives this inner split that with all his aspirations to freedom he stays religious inside.

If you come to France, home of the French Revolution that is a symbol of all European ideals, and go to the periphery, to small towns and villages, you will see that they live there the same as it was in the Middle Ages, and the approach to life is the same and the church is the same.

The spirit that the Europeans received from the Jews influenced them in two ways. On the one hand, it brought ideals of freedom of speech and religion, education, and equality to Europe, and on the other hand, it gave Europe a strong Christian religion with all its medieval doctrines and restrictions that are alive in the people till today.

These two forces emanating from one source act in the Europeans and can’t come to an agreement. This is what determines the European spirit.

Question: Why did these wonderful ideas of education and equality bring Europe to the catastrophic situation that we see today?

Answer: The fact is that these were just nice slogans, and in reality a person hasn’t changed internally at all. He remained the same person he was from ancient times. If we dig into him a little deeper, we will see the same barbarian he used to be.

People don’t understand how to use the freedom they received. It was necessary to develop a person for this, so he would know what equality is, what forces are required in order to reach it, and how to resist his egoistic nature.

It was a scientific and technological revolution, but one can remain a barbarian and have an atomic bomb. True development involves the development of a person inside the savage, and this didn’t happen in Europe. People don’t change from nice talk alone. In order to change a person internally, an upper force is required, in addition to the inherent egoistic force that exists within us.

Since this wasn’t the case, the Europeans remained the same, as they were before. They only played in the beautiful philosophies, literature, and culture in order to embellish their life, and nothing more. However, if we go a little deeper, we will see that people remained the same as they were 2,000 years ago.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 8/18/16

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  1. Îdont believe in fragmentation by nationalities.. your diagnosis is correct, they remained as they were 2000 years ago because what was reported to their ears then was so ppwerful, that since then, not a single word has overpowered this “love they neighbor as theyself” thing, which contains all the other mitzvot. Of ourse they, we, had zero chance to get the underlying wisdom, knowledge, attainment of it. Still they have this little flavor. and if not more, whose reponsibilitie is it? this is a terrible question that not a single people on this planet can point a finger toward.

    and if we speak of nationality, and As of the trouble in Europe since a little more than a century, we know where they come,from: from another continent, and enough has been said about it in terms of monstruous responsibilities. My wish is that Europe, a geographical continent will assemble into its real entity, old europe + Russia + China + India to lead the world, according to the right music that is played here.

    your diagnosis I share dear rav, what a terrible work ahead. lets hope that the baby continent will fail in submerging Europe with refugees while financing extreme right groups for the sake of destruction, gold and dictature,as they did, do, and plan to do further.
    but they will fail and the consequences will pour on them as a massive storm on a boat.

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