Europe At A Crossroads, Part 1

Laitman_409Question: The European crisis suggests that the era of the great European civilization is over and a new time has begun. How do you see the state of the future Europe and its place in the world?

Answer: I don’t see a genuine development toward freedom, equality, and all these beautiful slogans of the French Revolution in Europe. Of course, we can’t deny the contribution of European civilization to the development of the world. However, we must understand that all these achievements were purely material, within the framework of this world and based on human egoism.

Therefore, beautiful gilding on our egoism, the fashion for democracy and freedom, in fact has changed nothing in a person. Proof of this is how Hitler was able to turn civilized Europeans into savages in an instant.

If he acted smarter, instead of conquering countries, joined them to his idea, he would have turned all of Europe into his ally. Also, it was very easy for him to conquer Europe, almost without resistance. This shows that the image of the “enlightened European,” famous for its special high culture, compared to the rest of the world is only the external sign for which there is no internal content.

The cultural image and good manners didn’t prevent Germans from killing people and descending to the animal level. From this it is clear that people will remain forever barbarians in their egoism. The more they develop in it, the worse they will become, but they will learn to hide their egoistic intentions and be hypocrites, the way good politicians do.

If humanity doesn’t take from the people of Israel their internal idea, the wisdom of Kabbalah, about connection and unity above egoism, it won’t have any future. In the meantime, humanity has limited itself only to the outer side of this idea, perceived in a distorted form, and so it developed. Evolution, nevertheless, will push us to unity, but through suffering, and Europe will have to implement this path.

Since European egoism is very big and much more developed than in other countries and continents, Europe must first implement this method. And if it doesn’t implement it, it will suffer more than other parts of the Earth. I am not very optimistic about the future of Europe.

Kabbalah offers a method that allows to put into practice the beautiful ideals of the French Revolution that so far remain just slogans in Europe and don’t affect the inner essence of a person. Everybody dreams about unity, equality, and brotherhood; they used to talk about it in Russia and Europe, but were unable to implement it. Only the wisdom of Kabbalah offers this opportunity.

Therefore it is revealed now, to the extent that Europe immerses into despair because of its impotence and inability to realize their ideals. And this happens at a time when new, completely alien ideals of the dark times of medieval savagery come to Europe.

Therefore it is being revealed now as Europe embraces the despair of its impotence and inability to realize its ideals. And this, at a time when Europe comes to a new, completely alien ideals to the dark times of medieval savagery.

The wisdom of Kabbalah has the force to implement in practice the equality and freedom that Europeans are so proud of. After all, it knows how to attract the upper force of nature.

Question: Are we being called back to religion?

Answer: This method has nothing to do with religion. It is about the ability to use the force of unity that is hidden in nature. Kabbalah allows to reveal this force and to use it in order to unite.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 8/18/16

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