“Being Lazy Is A Sign Of High Intelligence”

laitman_564In the News (Independent): “New research seems to prove the theory that brainy people spend more time lazing around than their active counterparts.

“Findings from a US-based study seem to support the idea that people with a high IQ get bored less easily, leading them to spend more time engaged in thought.

“And active people may be more physical as they need to stimulate their minds with external activities, either to escape their thoughts or because they get bored quickly.”

My Comment: It is only worthwhile to add that an inclination toward physical or mental activity is latent in a person according to his nature. Moreover, in every activity its uniqueness, its type, and so on are also latent. All of this is derived from the location of the soul of the person within the general system of souls—Adam.

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  1. Is it because he is focused on the constant activity of his brain?

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