Workers Are Lazy? The Solution Is In The Circle

laitman_600_02In the News (Russian Baazar): ‘Today, no one is working as 10 and even 50 years ago – said Dirk Samelson, owner of a small diner in California. – I have been in business for nearly 70 years and have never seen such a number of slow-moving workers. Cleaners, waiters, cooks – they are constantly distracted by smartphones or empty talk. I do not know what’s going on with this country.’

“The technological revolution and the popularity of electronic devices has led to a sharp drop in the labor productivity of Americans. People have begun to move more slowly, and the sense of responsibility and discipline has declined significantly. That is the conclusion reached by experts at CareerBuilder Resource as a result of a large-scale survey of employers. Today, one in five managers believes that his subordinates engaged in professional duties less than 5 hours within a standard 8-hour day. …

“Employers complain that their subordinates pick up their smartphones every 15 – 20 minutes. Prohibiting the use of phones during business hours, does no good. People are offended or they easily dismiss the rule or they make discrimination claims to the authorities. …

“55% of Americans use smartphones during the working day. Most often they use the Internet, studying the weather, read news, play, do shopping, send SMS-messages and rewritten in social networks. Stopping the practice of using a smartphone is impossible because workers try to do it secretly.

“39% of employees spend time on banal chatter. …

“Almost 27% of workers have a responsible attitude to their duties, but they are constantly interrupted by other colleagues. Busy people are being drawn into the conversation, forced to discuss movies and music and so on. At the same time, Americans are often ashamed to utter the phrase ‘I’m sorry, but I need to work,’ and obediently listen to non-performing peers.

“More than 27% of Americans severely abused breaks, referred to as smoke break (a smoke) and snack break (snack). A person takes 5 – 6 such breaks daily and loses at least half an hour (the official time for lunch does not count). ”

My Comment: People are not to blame; egoism is developing and they have no choice. The only solution is educating workers according to the circle method our organization has developed. See “the wisdom of the circle.” This is a method that can be recommended to everyone.

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