New Life #505 – The Search For Meaning In Daesh

New Life #505 – The Search For Meaning In Daesh
Dr. Michael Laitman in conversation with Oren Levi and Yael Leshed-Harel


Since the sixties, we see how young people began asking about the meaning of life, but nobody had an answer. The elites understood the necessity of somehow stopping the little man and began to develop a culture of leisure. Yet the question about the meaning of life still pecks away from within and doesn’t allow anyone to rest.

When youth join Daesh and other extremist groups, it is from a sense of lack of meaning in their lives. These terrible activities give them some kind of significance, meaning, and goal in life, that their lives are not so small and insignificant, and there is a reason to live.

There is a feeling among the younger generation of not understanding why their parents gave birth to them at all in such a terrible world. The era has permitted the hastening of awareness that everything is empty, secondary, and tasteless.

This acceleration leads to the goal, which is balance with nature. What is meaningful is love and bestowal to everyone, because in the world of tomorrow, people will be linked to each other consciously and willingly and not because they have no choice.
From KabTV’s “New Life #505 – The Search For Meaning In Daesh,” 1/20/15

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  1. Some, so called, leading societies, are fractured with a huge displacement between the two ends. how is it possible that Barack Obama did multiply by three the US defence budget of Georges W Bush, while in the same time reducing all military operations? what could be the meaning of this? how isit undertandable? The persecution of the muslim societies and the Frican continent, sub shararian, since 70 years now has reached such an inter generational narrative that movements such as Daesch and Boco Haram appear as valid pan Arabian, And Pan African resistance movements, and their horrors as some kind of collateral damage. only truth and dialog born out of equivalence of form can neutralize this ticking bomb. the question being howlong will this take to happen?

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