The European Union Is “Creaking”

Laitman_419Question: The European Union is “creaking” again following a referendum in Italy that is liable, as experts warn, to insert a jolt into the entire block.

Is the European Union really liable to break up as some of the experts have predicted?

Answer: The European Union already broke up a while ago; they just can’t formally allow themselves to admit this to the world. In any case, the interior is not functioning at all; nothing is left of the union!

The heads of the union are trying to do something, but the artificial formation is done with aggressive means to not allow the organization to break up and not drop Europe into the “depths,” to enter into all kinds of destructive problems.

Contrary to common sense, the Europeans are putting themselves into a big problem with refugees who are now beginning to “tear Europe to pieces,” like predatory animals who devour their prey.

So a good future is not expected for Europe. Ultimately tourism to Europe will cease, and this is the source of income and the largest basis for production in which most of its inhabitants work. The tourism industry is gradually waning. This is felt especially in France. During the past year a “dive” of 12% was measured in the tourism department; this is a significant statistic.

People have stopped traveling to these nations. A few more acts of terrorism and tourism will cease completely, just as it did in Turkey and Egypt.

And if another plane “falls” or something else happens…today this may not be a problem, but the Europeans are not yet ready psychologically to monitor and maintain their security.

Comment: It seems that the Germans are beginning to take quite strict measures.

Answer: Nothing will help. It is necessary to re-educate the population.

So I don’t expect a good future for Europe. Italy announced that as far as it seems, it will go on Brexit.

This is an absolutely natural process and after it the rest of the nations will also do this, and perhaps this will wake the Europeans up a bit. They will understand that the union is necessary; this is the direction toward which nature is pushing us. They will understand that all the peoples of Europe, including the immigrants, must achieve union.

But according to what formula will they reach union? Nobody knows. There is only one formula and it is described in the wisdom of Kabbalah: when faced with all of the problems, they can be overcome through the connection between us.

It is possible to do this only according to the method of connection described in the ancient books of Kabbalah; human nature has not changed much since then. We have reached the present situation in order to begin to use the method of connection.

Question: Even though this truth was known to everyone, “And you shall love your friend as yourself” (Leviticus 19:18)?

Answer: Yes, but until now we didn’t require it, but today we need it.

I hope that the Europeans and all of us will be able to understand this, that we will want to apply this method in every way, and that we will help in doing this.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 8/21/16

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