“We Learn Best When Learning Together”

laitman_528_02In the News (hbr-russia.ru) : “We develop not alone. Some psychologists argue quite convincingly that a person can only grow together with others. …

“What is a high-quality communication? These are where we are connected with others in which there is a positive evaluation, reciprocity and vitality. A positive assessment – that is, the source sees the best in us, even after a brief acquaintance. Reciprocity – the openness to another person and the response to his feelings. And finally, the vital energy – in this, communication occurs as a burst of energy, as if these moments are becoming more alive. …

“The high-quality relationships we grow, because to think more broadly, rapidly absorbing knowledge becomes wider choice and actions, we are involved, we are set to play, open, easier to recover from injuries. …

“Spur your community and thus improve the relations between its members. Ask everyone to turn to each other for help and to support one another generously.

Answer: These “discoveries” are basically part of the conditions of a Kabbalistic group.

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