“The Wisdom Of The Crowd To The Landfill”!

laitman_528_02In the News (Slon.ru): “Despite the fact that the referendum and other manifestations of the majority opinion can look the part as a sure way of making public decisions (after all, it is the voice of the people), scientists’ experiments show that we should not blindly believe in the wisdom of crowds. How do you know which of the vast majority has the necessary knowledge to make important decisions in politics and other areas? Journalist and scholar, Scientific American author, George Musser explains in an article in the Aeon, why the widespread opinion in the society could be a trap, and how to understand someone from the crowd closest to the true knowledge. Musser calls on – it needs to appeal to the knowledge of knowledge (in other words, meta-knowledge). …

“In this case, as shown by a recent study by researchers from the German Institute of Human Development at the Max Planck Society, the true knowledge of the complex issues is incapable of being presented by a large number of people, but by a relatively small group – about 10 to 40 people. As says Bloomberg, is absolutely correlated with the practice of the formation of councils, committees, boards and juries in the court for the adoption of specific decisions.”

My Comment: The wisdom of the crowd is knowledge that we can gather similar to the integral knowledge that the wisdom of Kabbalah speaks about. Kabbalah takes into account the integral tool of the upper world and uses it to lead us to the correct goal. Scientists’ experiments are gradually approaching what the wisdom of Kabbalah has already been saying for 6,000 years.

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