A Reasonable Balance

laitman_565_01Question: Is spiritual correction tested through poverty or wealth?

Answer: There is no test here! A person must live his life in a balanced way and provide everything for himself reasonably, I would even say minimally, so that everything will be simple.  The rest is invested in spiritual development. In this way a person profits in this world without wasting his energy on anything superfluous, and at the same time he gains the spiritual world.

Question: Suppose a person wants to be involved in spiritual development, in the wisdom of Kabbalah, but has no means, he is constantly engaged in earning money. How should one relate to a situation like this?

Answer: It cannot be that someone would need to be working to make money absolutely all the time if we are talking about a person’s normal, minimum, and reasonable needs.  Suppose he did begin to study Kabbalah, see how all of a sudden he would be able to balance his studies with the income that he has.

Question: There are people who want to be involved only with spirituality because the entire physical world simply repels them. They have no motivation to work, earn money, to play sports, or perform household duties.

Answer: This is natural! So I advise not neglecting work. Rabash insisted that a person work and earn. Even if he has no need for money, he should still work a particular number of hours per day.

From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 4/3/16

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