Before And After Entering The Land Of Israel

laitman_749_02Question: Why does Moses repeat the laws of the Torah to the people again and again?

Answer: It is in order for them to understand the entire path they travelled before entering the land of Israel and to prepare for entry into the promised land.

After all, from the border of the land of Israel onward, they must work with the same egoism, the same golden calf, with the second restriction that took place in a mixture of gold (Malchut) with a stream of water (Bina). Now, it is like they must dig it all.

Moses seems to tell his people, “During the forty years of wandering in the desert, besides the quality of Malchut that you had in Egypt, you acquired the quality of Bina. Now, are you beginning not just to interact with them, but to work in order to bestow. When you cultivate and plough the earth, you get the fruits of the earth.” In other words, this is now the land of Israel.

Question: Is it possible to say that the way of Torah is a passive way?

Answer: If we don’t understand what actions we need to perform on ourselves, then this is a passive way since there is none else besides Him and the Creator does everything. I have nothing to do other than to agree with what He does within me and try always to move in unison with Him. However, when I need to move in unison with Him, my work becomes very challenging, complex, and compound.

Agreement is the starting point. I agree with the fact that only the Creator exists and He is good that does good, and after He does only good, I need to correct myself, to expose myself under His influence so that my qualities really would become the same as His, so that I would feel inside them His personal and only good action.

This occurs both before and after entering the land of Israel. The difference is only in the power with which it is done. Either it is done in the quality of bestowal before entering the land of Israel, or it is done in the quality of reception after entering. But this happens closer to the construction of the Temple.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 5/11/16

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