How Does One Break Away From Monetary Problems?

laitman_626Question: What should one do to make more money and not suffer?

Answer: The best situation is when a man has a steady job, gets a fixed salary, and in his spare time engages in things that aren’t related to profit or wasting money.

Then his mind breaks away from thinking about monetary problems. It suddenly becomes clear to him that he can get along well, because in principle, a person doesn’t need much to live: clothing, food, housing, and to pay taxes. And everything else should be in a completely different area: spiritual needs, perceptions, and so forth. A person should specifically direct himself this way because things won’t be any better later on. People in the world will never be able to make much of a profit. The worldwide “Golden Age” and its bourgeois habits are over.

We have the ability to provide everyone with an income necessary for existence: food, clothing, housing, education for children, and so forth, everything required for a person to function normally without luxuries. Modern technological development makes it possible for us to provide for all of these needs.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 4/3/16

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  1. Hi Dr. Laitman,my question to you is private, and I hope you answer it. I am originally from ukraine, city of Kiev and live in Chicago for over 20 years now. All my life, since I remember, I wanted to find “what its all about”, why I am here, “who” breathes me (as I knew I couldn’t control my breathing so someone/something should), where I go when asleep during night, etc. I tried to find the truth talking to different religious authorities, reading, and listening to my insight (I received a lot of insights, was writing them down), but only here in Chicago, after meeting Gangaji, a spiritual teacher, I received that “Knowledge” it was like in a split second my mind opened and I was shown a Reality…I can give you more details if you are interested, but my question is: that even after being showing the Reality, actually “seeing” that this world doesn’t exist at all…I continue suffering…and taking things of this world…and sometimes even thoughts of suicide…I know Angels/Entities help me as I feel their energy sometimes, which brings peace…yet, I don’t understand why I am that “stubborn” or something to continue suffering emotionally and psychologically. Is there anything I can actually do to stop this suffering cycle or it’s “written” somewhere for me and there is no escape? I’d appreciate if you can answer this, and also about my experience/my “seeing” the Truth – what are your thoughts on what was that/where it came from for me? Thank you in advance! Irene

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