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laitman_627_2In the News (Financial Policy): “For the first time in history, the inner chambers of global leadership may go genuinely coed. The anointment of Theresa May as Britain’s next prime minister, the seemingly endless rule of Angela Merkel in Germany, the brightening prospects of Hillary Clinton in the U.S. presidential race, and the presence of women on the shortlist to succeed U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon (though last week’s straw poll wound up with men in the top slots) could mean that as of early next year, global summitry will see nearly as many pantsuits and scarves as it does suits and ties. …

“Contemplating the rise of female leaders in Britain and the United States and at the U.N., it is hard not to think of what the business world has termed the ‘glass cliff’: the notion that women are elevated to power amid crises so daunting that men are deterred for fear of failure, prompting women to step up to no-win situations. …

“Amid these challenges, it is tempting to hope — and there is some evidence to indicate — that this cohort of female leaders may turn to one another as a source of solidarity, forging effective partnerships that translate into policy results. Betsy Polk and Maggie Ellis Chotas have written a book arguing that when women team up professionally they can achieve greater confidence, flexibility, and accountability than is attainable in other working relationships. Across multiple academic disciplines, research confirms that women tend to be more open to teamwork than men.”

Answer: Women are more open, more collective, and less egoistic in teamwork. They require support; they consolidate a collective, a circle around them, while a man would organize a pyramid (dominance).

Also, in serious circumstances, a drive to hide a bit behind a woman is awakened in a man. He must feel her next to him like a child who needs his mother.

It makes no difference if he is mature and healthy, in any case this instinct lives within him. We were born from a woman, we were educated by a woman, we were fed by her, and a woman protected us, clothed us, washed and dried us. So when we are not sure of ourselves, we feel like children, needing female, motherly support. It is not for nothing that it is said that behind every successful man stands a woman.

On the other hand, we must understand that there must be a proper integration between a man and woman. The problem is that in our times both men and women are egoists and someone who rises to power cannot do anything good. A man will not hide behind a woman and unfortunately, even though a woman will partially function collectively, this will be without result because neither these nor those have a method for collective management.

Our world is becoming integral, so much so that everything concludes with this fact. The fact is that in various nations women have risen to power, and in nations like Germany, England, the United States, and France, there is an indication that men are feeling the uncertainty that is sitting in our subconscious. So nature is revealing that advancing to the front of the stage is a woman who is strong, in control, calm and confident, whom men imagine as a mother whose “skirt can be held.”

Question: What can be expected for us in the near future?

Answer: A serious shock can be expected for us in the future because a woman in power is a sign that the situation in the world is truly dim and unclear.

We need to understand that precisely in this situation, in spite of everything, men are obliged to go to the front of the stage. It is specifically the men who must acquire and master the method of correction of the world, seeing their role and realizing it. While women always adapt themselves to men, there is no need to throw everything on them.

One must take into account that they find themselves at the head of the nation against their will because we have been hurled into a dead end. But the correction must always move and be carried out through the men.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 7/28/16

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  1. Dear Rabbi?
    Is it not Written in the Zohar? When the Feminine is Absent”GOD IS NOT PRESENT”\

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