Silver And Gold

laitman_571_04Question: What is the spiritual root of money?

Answer: Money in Hebrew is called Kesef. It has a double meaning: It refers to silver (Kesef) and cover/coating (Kissufim). If I have enough to cover my needs, it is called money (Kesef). According to the degree that we can cover (Kissui) our needs, we can fulfill our desires. The word “Kesef “ is of Eastern origin (Kesef, Tanga), coming from the southern periphery of Russia.

In our times, money can be virtual, and Jews once paid only with silver. In the Torah, it is mentioned that Abraham weighed out 400 Shekels of silver for the Cave of Machpelah in which he buried his wife.

The Torah speaks specifically about silver and not gold because silver is considered to be the property of Bina, bestowal, while gold is considered to be the property of reception. In itself, gold symbolizes greed and avarice, while silver symbolizes Atzilut, generosity, giving, and bestowing.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 4/3/16

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