How To Deal With Financial Losses

laitman_628_4Question: How should one deal with financial losses correctly?

Answer: If the loss is noted, it is necessary to agree with it and go on with life, and try to make sure it will not happen again.

Question: Does studying the wisdom of Kabbalah change a person? Let’s suppose that he is stingy by inclination. How does spiritual development influence his attitude toward money?

Answer: A Kabbalist is found in many different situations, especially someone who has not yet passed through the Machsom (Barrier). So, sometimes he behaves absolutely precisely as one should. He doesn’t dismiss worldliness, but considers everything correctly. Sometimes, he suddenly falls and then begins to run to do something to make money to provide himself not only with what he needs for the present, but also for the future.

Interferences not typical of state one is in come, but they are sent specifically so that he would understand that “Do not believe in yourself until the day you die” (Pirkei Avot 2:4), that is, as long as his ego has not died.

Man is not immune from anything. On the contrary, a person must go through these situations.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 4/3/16

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