“Europe Wandering Into The Abyss”

laitman_272In the News (vz.ru): “Europe and the European Union are in crisis, which can lead to very serious consequences, and cannot continue to do everything as if nothing is happening, said Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras.

“‘It would be a tragic mistake to continue to do everything as if nothing is happening. Europe is going through a deep crisis; it is like a sleepwalker wandering into the abyss. It is time to sound an alarm,’ – his words are transmitted by TASS.

“In an interview, Tsipras has paid particular attention to the problems of the financial and economic stability of the European Union.

“‘I am a realist, and I understand that under the current alignment of forces it is impossible to talk about the abolition of the European Stability and Growth Pact. However, I believe that it would be quite possible to make some exceptions to the rules, in particular, to scale up to support economic growth and measures to intensify the fight against unemployment. The current rules do not work, and this is indicated by the fact that in the EU there are now 22 million unemployed, and the economic growth of the community – is very weak,’ he stressed. …

“If we do not give priority to solving the problems of unemployment, then Europe would threaten a real collapse – new referendums in which the population will demand exit from the EU. Also, the governments of the EU countries opposed to the EU will continue to appear, ‘ warned Tsipras.

“‘The lack of action in the social sphere in the EU leads to the fact that small marginal politicians, racists, are in the power position and determine where to move Europe,’ he said.

“… shortly after Brexit, billionaire George Soros, predicted ‘the inevitable disintegration’ of the European Union and the United Kingdom. ‘Now the catastrophic scenario, which many feared was realized by making the disintegration of the community almost inevitable’ – Soros wrote.”

My Comment: The collapse will lead to global shocks. The solution—is only in the realization of bringing people together. We need to understand the cause of the crisis: the growing mismatch of the contradictory selfish human community (creation) and a single integrated global altruistic nature (the Creator).

The solution is to correct our nature by attracting the highly positive force that can counterbalance the negative egoistic strength of each and all of us together.

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