Answers To Your Questions, Part 140

laitman_202_0Question: The world is so complex that the more you try to get to know it, the more difficult it becomes to find answers, and sometimes there aren’t any that the human mind can grasp. It is a wonder how everything was created in such a contradictory manner and nothing exists without its opposite part. Why haven’t all the fields of study in our world and the teachings of the wisdom of great sages and also the eternal wars, diseases, and natural disasters taught mankind to be good? But, on the contrary, a person falls from spirituality? What will the fulfillment of materiality bring our planet to? What do the upper forces want of us? The ancient intelligent civilizations have disappeared. What is the plan? Everything is explained in the sources in a perfect manner, but in practice it all happens in a much worse way. Is there justice in our world or is it all the fruit of a very developed imagination? Does anyone need us? This is a maze of reflections and thoughts—what a heavy burden.

Answer: It is all very simple. The Creator has created everything in a direct manner, but we advance in a crooked way. Now, too, we simply have to unite and thus summon the Light of correction unto ourselves, but we do everything except this…

Question: Does every human being have an individual spiritual gene?

Answer: Absolutely!

Question: If there is suffering in my life, do I have to relate this situation to the Creator (that it is for the best),  and then I won’t feel that the situation is bad? When we approach a problem this way, it seems to disappear, but when you suffer it is very hard to remember that the sufferings come from the Creator. How can I constantly hold on to this intention that “there is none else besides Him,” since it slips away so quickly in times of trouble and instead I feel indifference, anger, rage, etc.?

Answer: Don’t leave the thought that everything comes from Him and do hold on to it all the time! If you can’t, ask Him to help you.

Question:  Do we bring the Creator contentment when we contact Him (when we begin to feel Him)?

Answer: Undoubtedly, and that is the only way.

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