Fulfillment Through The Light

laitman_744Question: What is the alternative offered by the wisdom of Kabbalah that is equivalent of money that exists in the world today?

Answer: Effort. Money is the equivalent of the efforts we make. So all that is needed is to balance our lives. Try to rearrange your life just a little, so that you will be able to continue to work, maintain a good relationship with the family, and be involved with everything that you are used to, but in a more balanced way. Try to live in this framework and along with this engage in studying Kabbalah. And you will see how things begin to be arranged so that everything will be enough for you. Thoughts about lack will gradually disappear; you will calm down and everything will truly be enough for you.

Question: You can buy all kinds of pleasure in this world with money. What kind of pleasure does the wisdom of Kabbalah offer if there won’t be any money and all will be on the public dole?

Answer: Kabbalah offers the most tremendous, the most eternal, unchangeable fulfillment and pleasure, which no amount of money can buy. Kabbalah elevates a person to the level of eternity and perfection, above death. This method called Kabbalah is designed so that the Upper Light fills us and we don’t need anything more. In that way we reach our natural root fulfillment.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 4/3/16

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