“A New Geological Age”

laitman_746_03In the News (BBC): “The notion that we have entered a new geological age is real and should be formally recognised, according to an international report.

“The verdict comes from a panel set up to judge the merits of adding an Anthropocene (‘Age of Humans’) time segment to the history of the Earth. …

“It now needs to identify a suitable marker in the environment that epitomises the start of the new phase.

“Colin Waters from the British Geological Survey is secretary to the Anthropocene Work Group (AWG). He presented the progress report to the 35th International Geological Congress in South Africa. …

“And it would likely be an ‘epoch’, said Dr Waters, meaning the current phase of Earth history known as the Holocene has terminated. We would, however, remain within the Quaternary Period and the Cenozoic Era, which are higher rankings in the division of time. …

“Ten members of the 35-strong working group believe the best spike will probably be plutonium fallout from bomb tests in the 1950s, to be found in marine or lake sediments, ice layers or perhaps even speleothems (stalagmites and stalactites).

“Others on the panel, however, think there could be better spikes than the radionuclide. Counter-proposals include remnant plastics or some kind of carbon signature that signifies the rapid rise in CO2 emissions.

“Nonetheless, a clear majority of group members (28 of them) accept that whichever marker is chosen, it should reflect events on Earth around the 1950s.

“This is the beginning of what is often referred to as the ‘great acceleration’, when human impacts on our planet suddenly intensified and became global in extent.”

My Comment: The current age is a time of transition from the level of our world, the development of the inanimate, vegetative, and animate nature, to the next level of development, which is Man or Adam, from the Hebrew word “Adameh” (similar), meaning similar to the Creator.

Just as the world had a different form and different dimensions before mankind appeared on Earth, so will our material world begin to gradually disappear as it ascends to the evolutionary level of Man, until it transcends to the next level, to the quality of total bestowal and harmony.

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