The Earth Is A Living Organism

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News (from NaZachot.Ru): “It is time to revise the definition of a living organism, formulated on the basis of human psychology. According to it, the living, and moreover rational, are considered only those forms of organized matter which properties correspond to those of animals and humans.

“Natural objects that differ significantly in size, power consumption, life span, rate of metabolic processes, are not considered ‘living and rational’ matter. ‘Focus on the human’ has brought science to a dead end in comprehending the laws of nature.

“Especially, this concerns the relationship between the human and the planet. Humanity systematically destroys natural parts of the planet and replaces them with artificial, often unnatural and sometimes harmful to the life of the Earth.

“The Earth is not only aware of humans’ existence of its surface and ‘observes’ their behavior through its sense organs, but actually controls society. The basis for such control is the laws geopsychology – managing people on a subconscious level. The managing body is the Earth itself, in which organism people live.

“Moreover, under certain conditions: an increase of the number of people, exceeding the permissible standards, poisoning some parts of the Earth with human civilization’s waste: the atmosphere, hydrosphere, or destruction of vegetation – the planet begins to get rid of irritating and dangerous creatures that are threatening it.

“Sometimes people’s subconscious receives an order for self-destruction, leading to wars, or there appear viruses, deadly to humans. The time has come to view our planet not as dead body, spinning around the Sun, but as a living organism.

“The Earth is not only alive, but also a rational creature. It constantly communicates with our Sun and even with the center of the Galaxy. This information passes along the channels, extending from the center of the earth to its surface.

“Nuclear explosions, super-deep drilling, disposal of radioactive and toxic substances in its crust cause the living planet to become concerned, and it starts to react to the actions of poorly developed human society. Earthquakes, hurricanes, floods – are the first warning actions of the Earth.

“Nature and the Earth live their lives, where everything is balanced. They have the property of self-defense and self-purification to a limited extent that on Earth and in space there are not only struggles, but mutual support and interaction.”

My Comment: Kabbalah asserts the unity of nature and its universal mind from the moment of its revelation by Adam 5,780 years ago. In all the works by Kabbalists, the attitude towards nature is as to a single, rational, higher organism. The still, vegetative, and animate parts of nature abide by the laws of nature of interaction and harmony instinctively.

Only the human being is opposite to nature in all his actions and takes it out of balance. We have reached a critical state where the Earth is no longer able to sustain us. As the science of Kabbalah explains, only studying the unity of nature and observing the law of total interaction with it will allow us to rebuild our civilization.

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  1. issue being that too many do not see it collapsing yet. Its that very collapsing that might be the only motivation they have to change. People may in fact HAVE to rise up, peacefully i hope against their respective governments and shut them down. When the soldiers ill not fight. They and them are then fighting with the people. It is then we can expect a peaceful revolution. Until the soldiers and police fight with us, then any peaceful revolution will turn violent.

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