Systematic Limitations

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Suppose I want to buy a fancy car that’s twice as expensive as a regular car. How am I doing anything bad to other people by that?

Answer: We are all in a global, integral, limited system of nature which is interconnected into a single “sphere” that you cannot break out of. You are obligated to be in this sphere and to be connected with others very precisely. There’s nothing more or less than this.

Therefore, when you buy a car that’s twice as expensive, you become a cancerous cell because in that case you are not buying it to lead a normal life and to serve others but in order to “snatch another bite.” The more you “consume” beyond the necessity, the more of a malignant tumor you become.

The common organism is built ideally: Every person in it has to receive the vital necessities and in every other regard to think only about others. The Creator made the desire and its fulfillment. So why are you suddenly taking more than your due?

All desires are united into one. The Light fills them and gives them life in the single form. But suddenly you are “pulling the blanket to your side,” wishing for more. As a result, your excess will definitely come at someone else’s expense.

Today we are being shown this clearly: A billion people are at the brink of starvation, and in the meantime the earth’s resources are reaching an end. Soon we will use them up and will be left with nothing.

We are reaching the end with all of our consumerist production. And what will happen next?

Therefore, if you want to reach life within the boundaries of vital necessity against your will, that’s what will happen. Everything is finite, limited, and used up. Everything has an end, and it’s getting closer.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 6/22/11, “Matan Torah (The Giving of the Torah)”

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  1. Except no end, and He without a name actually is everything. Ends are only within our mind. Failing to see the entire sphere, we see but an edge.

    Also, if the benevolent engineers of the world want to give people better cars, that run faster and with less fuel, is this not helping? All desires have a correct form, even hierarchy, so long as the people on top pull the hardest to bring up the structure.

    Now, buying a car so you feel cooler than others is bad. Doing such a thing at someone else’s expense is bad. But, if we can receive better transport technology from the ones who wish to better our lives, such a thing is fine. Technology wants to bring the infinite light to earth, and all that stands in our way is greed, Tesla failed because no one else wanted to free energy for humanity…

  2. But how do discern what I need and am entitled to from what is excessive? And I can I tell whether I am doing what I am supposed to as part of the integral system?

  3. Does everything have an end because we do? And even though we exist in infinity it seems finite everywhere because we project that onto it?

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