Europe At A Crossroads, Part 3

laitman_628_1Question: The European ideals of equality and brotherhood were just a pretty external wrapping, but inside a person stayed the same barbarian, and Hitler’s Germany is an example of it. What is the human internal change the wisdom of Kabbalah calls us to?

Answer: Human nature is a desire to enjoy from everything that is possible. Our body is organized this way. Each of its cells, the nervous system, thoughts, desires, mind, and heart, everything is directed to receiving maximum pleasure and fulfillment from food, sex, family, money, honor, and knowledge, meaning for our own pleasure; this is the way we are created.

Any creation in this world is organized according to this principle, stone, plant, animal, and human. Only in a human this egoism is expressed much more. In contrast to all other beings, man does not consume from the environment only what is necessary for his existence, but wants to swallow the whole world.

Even if I myself don’t need it, I will take it so that others won’t get it. We see how billionaires until the end of their life only care about earning more and more money. What for? The desire not to leave it to others motivates them subconsciously. Such is our nature.

If our nature is so egoistic, then no mind, ethics, science, psychology, philosophy, culture, and education can help us. For hundreds of years in different parts of the world, and particularly in Europe, people have tried to correct a person, and yet we see that he is still the same egoist, wanting to receive for himself and not thinking about anybody else.

The Europeans feel that it is necessary to build a new world where we all will be united. They have tried to unite because this state seemed very beautiful and good. They wanted to make Europe a joint home.

But what have they done instead? Instead of uniting people they united banks, factories, and government organizations in order to strengthen their egoism even more than before. Besides this nothing has changed. The French don’t hate the Germans less than before. Each European nation doesn’t like its neighbors and is afraid of them.

The European Union, similar to the French Revolution and to all revolutions in general, made only external cosmetic changes without affecting human nature. To make a real revolution is possible only by changing a person. Nowadays we gradually begin to realize that without changing the person we don’t have any chance for success.

Question: You just said that neither culture, nor education, nor science was able to change people and Europe is proof of it. So how can a person be changed, by what means?

Answer: First of all, an awareness of the need to change human nature is required. Our state is simply threatening without this change. Otherwise it wasn’t worth uniting Europe because it has turned out for the worse. When we try to implement the upper values but only in the external form, we just do damage. If you place people who hate each other in one apartment, then nothing good will come out of it, they will start fighting. It is better to let them go in different directions.

Look what is happening today in Europe, hatred is growing more and more. Luckily they have a common problem with Muslim refugees that unites them. Otherwise they would’ve killed each other already.

The wisdom of Kabbalah says that the only thing that will save us is a genuine union that we must achieve at this stage of history. Through it all humanity will come to the desired correction. And Europe, as the most prepared for it and the most developed part of the world, must show an example of this to everyone.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 8/18/16

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