“The Best Cure For Depression”

laitman_423_02In the News (cont.ws): “Depression is sweeping the world , as a century ago, walked the plague and smallpox, cholera and the ‘Spanish flu.’ What is the nature of this victory march? Where is the trigger actuating the social springs and gears that generate this phenomenon? …

“Adolescent depression – is a known thing, described and spread out on the shelves. Its main reason – exiting the immortal condition of childhood, from the age when a child is unaware of his own mortality, the adolescent enters a world where there is a finish line, a limit to his own earthly existence.

“With the recognition of this finality, eventually the question arises about the impending outcome of life. Following, the chain continues to question, in fact, the meaning of life.

“Unable to find an answer through his own experience, the child refers to the experience of his parents. Seeing that the meaningfulness of the existence of the parents is no more (and often less) than (work-home-work-home-work-holiday), the child experiences a shock. It turns out that life is given to him as a complicated and pointless toy, like a certain artifact of unknown purpose… . Artifacts left some higher force either as a mockery of human insignificance, or simply by accident.

“Of course, by realizing that life has no meaning, there is no purpose, no direction, there is no desire to make a conscious result, as follows from the individual’s life, the child falls into a mortal terror. For absurdity, a pacifier, you still have to pay death, is not this the worst thing for a man? There is no consolation for this situation. Meaning can only be substituted by surrogates that modern human society only welcomes and encourages. …

“So the trouble of humanity is that its existence remains meaningless.

“On the one hand, the only meaning for a person’s existence in the world is development, in changing the world, and the cultivation of the universe.

“The ‘global project’ that is becoming stronger today on the face of the Earth is what is stopping human development. It is important not to confuse the technical progress and the development of the actual person . What’s the use in technological progress when it is leads Earth’s population to suicide?”

My Comment: The most complex and difficult stage is the passage from the meaninglessness of “beastly” life, from getting everything for yourself, to attaining a meaningful spiritual life, bestowing everything to the Creator. In the end of the process of development a person becomes “similar” to the Creator and stands on His level.

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