The Failure Of The Belgian Security Forces

laitman_547_05Comment: The reasons for the failure of the security forces in Belgium have been exposed. The first reason is the ongoing division and mutual animosity between the Flemish in the North and the Walloons in the South. The second reason is the pathological unwillingness to recognize the character of the war that Islamic Jihad has declared on all forms of the free world.

Answer: That is why there is such underestimation of the danger of terror: it will not be published anywhere, there is nowhere for it to be illuminated. Governments pressure the press; for a long time already in all nations the media and the governments work in partnership. This is no secret.

Journalists operate precisely according to the instructions of the state and say: “We have no terrorism. There are individual terrorists whom we must expose and isolate from society. This is irrelevant to the huge mass of Muslims who are filling our nations.”

Comment: This mass has actually declared war on Europe.

Answer: They claim: “There is no war!” “These are people who are friendly and whom we need. It is just that there are extremists among them sometimes. We only have to get rid of them, while all the rest are very good people.”

Comment: As has been clarified, there is an additional reason for the failure of the Belgian security forces, which is again what you have been talking about all the time.

The Israeli television host, Ya’akov Eilon, interviewed a high level Belgian politician from the Socialist Party and asked him to comment on the terrorist activity in Belgium. The politician claimed that Israel is to blame for the wave of terrorism that has flooded Europe because of the occupied territories and not implementing the program for the establishment of a Palestinian state.

Answer: Yes, they say very clearly: “You have transformed the Middle East into a terrible powder keg, you sow famine and misery there. People flee from there like crazy wherever possible. Look at what you did in Iraq and Syria….”

Question: But what is our connection to this? Where is the logic?

Answer: “No, this is you, you. This ‘Mossad’ of yours intentionally organized this so that they wouldn’t fall on you with their justifiable fury. And after the population that supports peace and the poor flee from these places, we are forced to receive them and suffer because of your aggression.”

Question: And where is the “Islamic State” here that is slaughtering the Muslims?

Answer: “There is no Islamic State! There are only a few crazy extremists there and the cause is not in the millions of refugees. It is only because you are sowing misery throughout the Middle East.

Through your clever Jewish methods you have undermined all the neighboring nations and it is not known at all how you influence them politically, economically, and especially psychologically. People simply don’t know where to flee from you.”

Question: Does this mean that you are still convinced that these individual voices will become the one voice of Europe?

Answer: Certainly. Hitler was alone and all of us have seen what he did.

The ground exists, it is just “waiting” for the seed to fall into it. Then the whole world will flare up against Israel! This is our future if we don’t wake up and begin to behave in such a way that summons the upper force, which arranges all of these circumstances for us so that we will begin to work in the opposite and positive direction. The Creator is managing all of this. This is His true action. The hand of the Creator is in everything. There is none else beside Him.

We are to blame for not balancing the two forces that exist in the world, the positive and the negative. So this is what happens.

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